Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time...a tribute to my hubby

"Because I had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you."

Cheesy song (I know) and (hopefully) I haven't HAD the time of my life, I am currently HAVING the time of my life. And it all began almost three years ago.

In a little over two weeks John and I will celebrate three years of marriage. Three BUSY years. What have we done in 3 years? Here's a synopsis...
-bought a house
-went through major surgery (me)
-bought a new car
-got pregnant
-AND (drum roll please...) will introduce a new baby into this world in 19 days of less (but who's counting)

And these three years have flown by. It's true that time flies when you're having fun, it flies when you're raising children, it flies when you're happily married, it flies up until you're less than three weeks away from having a baby and then time drags...

I sometimes wish time would slow down (as in I can't believe my first baby is about to be 4!), but in the meantime there is no one I'd rather be spending my time with than John (although he might not agree that he wants to spend all his time with me this last month of pregnancy HA!). So here is to a whole lot more years together (ummm I'm thinking forever) and a lot more fun. However if we slow down some, I won't complain:)!

I love you, John.