Friday, August 20, 2010

Ice Cream

Your love is better than ice cream

Better then anything else that I've tried

And your love is better than ice cream

Everyone here knows how to fight

-Sarah McLachlan Ice Cream

The above lyrics are from one of my favorite Sarah McLachlan songs. I use to love this was on all my favorite cassettes and later on all my burned cds. I loved it, my friends loved it, my sister and I loved it until a guy I dated in college heard it. He turned to me and asked me if I loved him more than I loved ice cream. And I didn't. And I told him that. And then I quit listening to that song...especially around guys I was dating.

In all fairness to this guy I LOVE ice cream. My love for ice cream started when I was younger and my mom would make homemade ice cream that would cause me extreme brain freeze because I would eat it too fast. My love for ice cream grew even more when I became a runner and realized I could eat anything I wanted without gaining weight (yes you can hate me now if you want).

But what really solidified my love for ice cream was when a Brusters appeared a mile from my parent's house the summer after my sophomore year in college. It was love at first sight for me. That was the summer my sister taught me how to enjoy long runs so we would accomplish a 6-8 mile run and reward ourselves with ice cream. Around this time we discovered Brusters rain policy which is if it is raining you get a second scoop free. From that point forward that summer if we saw even a storm cloud we were headed to Brusters. Life was good that summer...

I am also reminded when I think about ice cream of all the dinosaur kids sundaes at Brusters I took the boys I babysat for to get. Because no one really appreciates a meal centered around ice cream more then kids. Except for my kid...who hates ice cream. It makes no sense, but I still order Cooper ice cream everywhere we go so he can at least try it again. On a positive note it means double ice cream for me:-).

So I didn't love that boy in college more than ice cream...I never loved any guy I dated more than ice cream. Except John. The one guy I will actually share my ice cream with. I'm pretty sure I never shared my ice cream with even my dad...but in all fairness I don't remember my dad ever sharing his ice cream with me either. Now that I think about it I think my whole family is made of ice cream-aholics!

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