Saturday, April 16, 2011

The evils of facebook?

My mind is full and needs to be emptied. Between thinking about changing this house to accommodate the new baby (anyone out there want to rotate three bedrooms for me?), thinking about all the yard work that needs to be done that I can't do because of allergies, and thinking about something that was just thrown on me today, I am tired of thinking. Therefor, it's time to blog. Today I will blog about facebook. Is is good or bad? Up until recently I would say good. What a great way to share your life with people who you would otherwise lose touch with. It's always exciting to get in contact with someone you haven't spoken to in 5 years, and never would have if it weren't for facebook. My thinking about facebook started a few weeks ago when I got in my car and the radio was left on 104.7 and I caught myself listening to Rick & Bubba (who normally I detest). They had a caller who told a story of their wife being contacted on facebook by an ex, agreeing to meet them for lunch, and then being propositioned. Rick & Bubba argued that without facebook, the ex probably would have never been able to contact the man's wife. If he had contacted her, it would have probably been by phone and the wife would have never answered. If they had talked, the guy probably would not have had enough courage to ask her out OR asked to really "get together" in the adult sense. The wife was smart enough at that point to show her husband the messages and he went and met the guy for lunch and I'm sure you can guess what happened next... The question is, is facebook really just Pandora's box. An outlet for "reconnecting" with family, old friends, and even exes? In 2011 does a marriage really need another outlet for the devil to sneak in? Or maybe I'm blowing facebook out of proportion and it really is just a big class reunion waiting to happen...until you remember you use to date people in your class. You wouldn't have a bunch of ex boyfriends (or girlfriends) in your cell phone, so why do they need to know what restaurant you checked into, where you went on family vacation, what color you just painted your den, and so on. I do feel a little hypocritical on this blog because I do have facebook (although in all fairness I'm contemplating deleting it). I enjoy facebook because I like connecting with old friends-especially my Mississippi State buddies. That said, I'm still not sure facebook fits my life anymore. I'm not sure I want everyone to know what my kids look like and when I last sneezed (maybe it's not that detailed but give Mark Zuckerberg time...). I'm not positive that facebook isn't something meant more for the single and ready to mingle and less for me. I am positive that what the guy did on Rick & Bubba to the guy who propostioned his wife is similar to what my response might be if it happened in my marriage:).

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