Saturday, May 15, 2010


Jaylyn and I were watching Biggest Loser Tuesday when Darius won $10,000. He then had the choice to keep the money or get a one pound advantage on the weigh-in. As Jaylyn and I waited to see what he would do we talked about what we would do with $10,000. Here is what I came up with...of course in my mind I was not thinking about taxes:

-Choice One: Pay off the Malibu and one of John's student loans (responsible)
-Choice Two: Pay off Malibu and then trade it in and apply the rest of the money to a new car (semi-responsible)
-Choice Three: Buy new living room, den, and master bedroom furniture (not so responsible since we already have furniture)
-Choice Four: GO SHOPPING (like John would ever let that happen-ha!)

Then Jaylyn started coming up with her idea. I preface this by saying that Jaylyn has almost no concept of money. If I told her our house payment was $100 she would believe it and think that $100 is a lot to pay a month. She very rarely has to use her own money to buy anything, and has yet to really learn about managing money. On the flip side she very rarely asks us to buy anything for her.

So what did she come up with (I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats...)?

She told me if she had $10,000 she would buy 7 dogs and chocolate chips. I loved it. What a great innocent answer. Not Justin Bieber tickets, not a Hannah Montana looking wardrobe, not a big screen TV, and not anything that made me cringe. Just 7 dogs and chocolate chips...and never did she give a thought to whose house would host these seven dogs! Thank God Jaylyn is still so innocent:-).

Since Tuesday I have changed my mind about what I would do with $10,000 if I won it on Biggest Loser (although I think my chances of making it on Biggest Loser are small). I would landscape my backyard and paint my shutters and get a new front door. I am always making big plans for this house:-).

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