Friday, May 21, 2010

The Mouth of a Two-Year-Old

My sweet baby only 6-weeks-old (October 2007)

For all 8 of my "followers" (who are mostly family) I thought you would like to hear some of the funny things Cooper is saying.
- "I no do that." What he says to get out of anything he doesn't want to do.
- "I just want to behave!" What he says to try and get out of a spanking or time out.
- "My doggie is E-O." His name for Oreo.
- "I want to give doggie a walk." Almost everyday he walks Oreo a mile.
- "Granddaddy aggravates me." I think Grandmommy taught him that one!
- "I want to go to Grandmommy's house and play with Granddaddy." Because in Cooper's mind women own the house men live in. He also tells me he want to go to Mommy's house and see Daddy.
- "I'm not funny!" Oh yes you are Cooper.
- "Wov you too Mommy." Cooper's version on love...and I love it:-)
- "Mommy I hold you." Code for pick me up Mommy, I'm tired!
- "Can I snuggle you a second?" Everything use to be '5 more minutes'; now he wants everything for a second. Unfortunately snuggle sessions only last a few seconds.
- "I want 5 minutes!" He says this to delay naps, bed time, dinner, etc. Taught to him by Jaylyn.
- "I want a sucker-it." Cooper adds the "T" sound to a lot of his words
- "We go to the cookie store and I be good." The cookie store is code for Publix...where they know my child by name and have his cookie ready before we can even walk over there.
- "The floor hit me. It's in time out." The table, wall, chair, and bed also hit him a lot and have to go to time out.
- "It's scary...I think there's a monstert." Again with the 'T' sound at the end of a word. Apparently monsters live in his room at night (they also live in my closet sometimes).

My now 2 and 1/2-year-old (Feb. 2010)

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