Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

So I stole my blog title from a show I watched in the 90's. I actually did not name my child after it, but a girl I worked with at Spa Moksha constantly sang the title song to me while I was pregnant and even now asks me how's Mr. Cooper. Oh how I miss my spa friends...it's like having your own sorority except that group of girls could make my face look clear, my back feel awesome, and give me free manicures and pedicures. But oh how I digress...

Life with Cooper this summer has been interesting to say the least. We are in the middle of what I fear may not only be the "terrible twos", but might follow into the "terrible threes". This summer he has discovered a whole vocabulary of words that make me cringe...it's strange how even the word "shut-up" sounds vulgar when a two-year-old says it. He has discovered how fun it is to use his sister as a punching bag...especially since she doesn't hit back (trust me I encourage her to hit/bite/hair pull back...how else will he know it hurts? She just won't do it!). And he has decided to hit any grown-up who isn't following his orders. Great...just what I was hoping for, a two-year-old wanna be ninja for a son.

But he has also learned to tell me he loves me without me having to get him to say it. He has learned how to kiss and hug me when he knows he's pushed me too far. He's learned how to snuggle me just right, and he's learned how to tell me this time he really is going to behave right before he gets a spanking. Basically my son has learned how to be a guy. He reminds me of a boyfriend who treats his girlfriend like crap and then right when she is about to leave him he swoops in, kisses her, tells her he loves her, promises to do better next time, and so she stays with him. Maybe I am in an abusive relationship with my two-year-old-ha!

Either way fortunally for Cooper I have an unconditional love for him so I won't be trying to leave him anytime soon and truthfully he does do as much good as bad-it just isn't as fun to blog about!

So onto my story...4 days ago I left Cooper playing with his train table while I ran upstairs and got a "Mommy shower". Confused at what a "Mommy shower" is versus a regular shower? A "Mommy shower" is a 3 minute shower where you wash hair, condition hair, lather down, rinse, and get out of shower. Compare this to my old 25 minute showers where I walk away relaxed and feeling good and you get the picture. So I come out of my "Mommy shower" in time to do my Mommy getting ready routine which basically lets me accomplish getting completely ready in 7 minutes (yes I've timed it).

While in the middle of blowing my hair dry Cooper comes into the bathroom and he looks so excited. I put the hair dryer down to hear Cooper begging me to come downstairs and see his toys. He has never asked me to do this and I am curious as to what he wants to show me so I take his hand and let him lead me downstairs. I am all prepared to walk into toy room when we take an unexpected right turn into the half bath. He then leads me to the toilet where I am met with this:

For those of you wondering that is a sippy cup (still full!), 4 trains, 17 alphabet letters, the DVD remote (still works!), and a few other random things. To top it all off he was trying to flush it. At this point in the story I have been asked by many, "What did you do?". I did the only thing I could think of-I got out my iPhone and took a picture. I then went searching for gloves to fish all the toys out and then had a talk with Cooper about why we don't put toys in the toilet. In all fairness to him I had never told him not to...I just assumed it was self explanatory! At this point I was a little upset...I hadn't really planned that day to get toys out of a toliet, do some plumbing, and disenfect toys, but my little Romeo stood beside me the whole time kissing me, hugging me, and telling me was sorry. Just like a guy...apologizing while he watches me do all the work;-).

Living with a two-year-old is many things, but dull is not one of them!

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The Mother Bear said...

Ha!!! I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you. (Well, maybe a little, since I have a child that squeezed an entire tube of Crest into all of our shoes--22 pair total ruining half of them. Lovely.) I feel your pain, Sister.

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