Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mommy Dearest

My son and I have a special bond. We are each other's world. Every night it is me he wants to put him to bed and he makes me promise that I will be the one who gets him up. He asks me all day long to play with him and if I can't he follows me room to room. He helps me make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He even helped me clean toilets the other day. I think the picture below (made in a photo booth at Chuck E. Cheese) really sums up our close bond.

Because really, if you can't bite your own Mother while she is innocently posing in front of the camera, who can you bite?

My two-year-old...the most frustrating person I've encountered so far and yet being his mom is my favorite job I've ever had.


Irene Latham said...

Hey, I still have pics of you and Eric at Chuck E Cheese's! And didn't we celebrate your 21st there?? You're just a big kid yourself. :)

Jessica Jeffcoat said...

Yes:-) I have to take the kids every 6 months or so just so I can play! Although I am becoming more of a fan of Treetop on 280. I need to take the boys there!

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