Thursday, July 8, 2010

Potty Training Blues

I am slowly failing as a parent at potty training my child. This is especially ironic since as a preschool teacher nothing annoys me more then parents who don't potty train their child all the way then try and sneak them to my class in underwear...I think we all know how that ends.

My fear is that the apple might not have fallen far from the tree. I actually remember being potty trained. For my non-parent friends I'm sure you don't understand why that is a bad thing. I remember being potty trained because I was well into my threes. I just couldn't give up my Mickey Mouse diapers and wouldn't until I was out shopping with my mom and we found Mickey Mouse underwear...I remember it vividly (It was in Boaz at the outlets).

I have tried everything: candy for going potty, cheering him on, reading books about potty training, pull-ups (which I hate), and even just throwing him on underwear and hoping for the best. My child actually begged my mom to put his diaper on him when we tried underwear. It's official, my child is going to college with a box of Pampers. Well I guess it will actually be Depends by then.

The strange thing is I'm not sure why Cooper not potty training seems like a personal failure of mine? Every time he uses the bathroom I feel great success and every wet or dirty diaper feels like I have failed. Maybe I feel like I am failing because when I tell other Moms my problem they are quick to tell me how their child uses the potty now and how they did it and it was so easy. Or maybe it's because my own mother scolded me tonight for him not potty I am not allowing Cooper to use it.

So as Cooper and I enter the 5th month we've tried potty training I hope that this is going to be his big break through. That this month he is going to decide to use the bathroom. And if not I guess he can use the money he gets for graduating high school to buy his on diapers in college.


Irene Latham said...

Okay, girlfriend... he WILL learn! He's still really young. I didn't figure this out until the third boy, but they will let you know when they are ready. Just a few days before Eric's 3rd bday, he was like, I want to go to the potty. And that was it. You just want it more than Cooper does at this point. Hang in there! That is one smart little man. I mean, he can READ "No, David." :)

The Mother Bear said...

Girl, Lillian was five before she was finished potty training. Take a deep breath and don't worry about it! It's comforting to know that he'll just grow out of it--seriously, people are usually potty trained by college. Mostly. :-) No worries!

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