Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm FINALLY doing it

Most who know me know I've been saying I'm going to start a blog for about 3 years (since I was pregnant with Cooper). I thought if people could only hear about my life at that time I was sure to get a book deal:) and then be able to afford the computer which stopped me from being able to blog at that time (probably a blessing in disguise). Of course back then I had plans to blog anonymously. Today though I chose to start a blog with my name behind it, my stories and life are still entertaining...just a little more toned down now!

I am blogging for several reasons. The first being, I have always been one of those people who feel like everyone needs to know whatever I have to say (some call this self centered, I call it baby of the family syndrome!). I am blogging because as a Mother and wife (aka maid, personal chef, and in general every one's doormat) it is nice to believe people care what I am doing, thinking, reading, etc. I am blogging for the same reason I post on facebook whatever is happening in my world-because sometimes you want to believe people want to know! I am also blogging for my own "thing". For the same reason I started back running a little over two months ago. I need something to call my own...besides Cooper's poop diapers which John assures me are all mine!

Just like I hope blogging will give me an outlet for different things, I have been using running to give me an outlet and alone time. And why would I feel the need to be alone? For several reasons:

1. I can't remember the last time I took a shower without someone talking to me outside the door, or a two-year-old crying by the shower door.

2. I no longer get to use the potty without a two-year-old accompanying me OR a 10 or 31-year-old talking to me outside the door (notice a theme?).

3. Since my two-year-old goes to work with me and leaves with me (I'm a preschool teacher) I am never in a car alone and I am almost always listening to Barney or Roger Day.

So my IPod and I joined the Hoover Rec (my husband did too but since he doesn't go my IPod and I consider it our place!). And so over the last 9 weeks I have killed my legs on a treadmill and Stairmaster and have LOVED every minute of it.

Now anyone who uses the Hoover Rec knows that the average age of the members has to be around 60 or higher (seriously...a few weeks ago I ran on a treadmill by a guy who was walking with his portable oxygen tank and another guy discussing his pace maker). And yet that makes me love my gym even more. There is none of that nonsense of flirting at the gym and checking each other out (nonsense now that I am happily married lol), no girls with great bodies that I have to despise, and because most of the members can't run due to hip and knee replacements there is never a wait for the treadmill!

And I have even started making friends with all the 60 and 70-year-old who stare at me and my treadmill when I hit mile 5 as if I am an Olympic athlete and not just a former high school/collegiate runner who is disappointed at how out of shape I let myself get. I laugh now as all my new older friends smile and wave at me on the treadmill...I laugh because as they wave at me I am typically jamming on my IPod to Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, and anything else that falls into the playlist I named "hate music" for lack of anything more creative. This music is angry, loud, full of words that would make my Southern Baptist Mother break my IPod (as she did break many cds she found when I was in high school), yet I love this music because it is so not me.

It is not the music a preschool teacher, Mommy of a two-year-old, stepmom to a 10-year-old, and wife to a fairly conservative man would listen to. It is typically angry and I am not an angry person. Part of me loves it because it is not what you would expect me to be listening to, and then the other part of me loves it because of the beat I can run faster. It is my "thing" and it is also a hidden "thing" that only me and my headphones know about...my 60 and 70-year-old "best friends" have no idea and neither did one of my preschooler's moms when I ran into her at the gym.

I am hoping this blog will be what my "hate music" playlist and running is...a way to break the stress and daily monotony that life can become and also an outlet to show that I am more then just Mom, stepmom, wife, and teacher. Somewhere inside me is still that hell raiser that almost drove my mom insane (her words, not mine) in high school and college...lets just hope she isn't released anytime soon!

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ink Impressions said...

you are so funny! i understand what you mean about music you listen to that isn't like you. this afternoon with the nice weather, i had my windows down and my old rap music blaring. that's what nice weather does to me... makes me want a Dr Pepper, candy, windows down, and loud rap music playing on my radio. and i HATE rap music!

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