Friday, March 12, 2010

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the day every Mom dreams about...the day they watch their child compete in their first running race! Ok, so maybe every Mom doesn't dream about that but surely somewhere is another Mom who can't wait to see their child race!

Since Cooper was born I have always looked forward to him being old enough for sports. I look forward to days of T-ball, soccer, basketball, and so on. Never did I think his first "sports moment" would be the sport that I love/loved-running (track specifically). I never thought about it because I never ran a race until we had a "track meet" when I was in 4th grade so I assumed running was going to take another 6 years or so.

That was until I signed up a month ago to run my first 5K in 5 years and saw the mile fun run. I decided it was a sign and quickly signed him up. Everyone who heard about the race that had never met Cooper laughed that I was entering my two and a half-year-old in a race (I got many strange looks), but anyone who knew Cooper knew this made perfect sense. He comes from good runners (me being the worst in my family and I think I'm even above average) and has always been fast-the fastest crawler turned into the fastest runner in his class.

And thus began day dreams of my favorite son and I running together in matching shirts...until I picked up the shirts today and his shirt would fit me it's so big and until I remembered his race is after my 5K and there is a chance I will have lost the function to walk.

So now we will not match our shirts and I have recruited his grandparents to walk/run his mile with him. But I will still be proud as my mini-me completes his first race-even if I am having to cheer while John carries me:-).

So tonight I am making Cooper and me a spaghetti dinner to carb up for his first race and am getting his warm running clothes out for tomorrow morning (he will be competing wearing his Lebron James Nikes). And I can already tell (wishful thinking) that this will be the first of many nights I am preparing him for a race...

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