Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I Learned at an Andalusia Bonfire

I recently went to my first bonfire party...remember everyone I grew-up in the suburbs where big fires are illegal 9-10 months out of the year. Here are the lessons I learned (if you're not from Andalusia you may not get all my lessons):

1. Burning anything is fun for guys...add kerosene and it's an even better time. The guys took this fire seriously-some were even working up sweats dealing with it all. And it was worth it because the fire was perfect!

2. Guys from Straughn High School suck and if something happens to John I can't marry one (I am yet to meet a guy from Straughn High School but this is based on Red Level Alumni).

3. Roasting marshmallows...good in theory, bad on taste. A burnt marshmallow does NOT taste as good as I remember them tasting when I was a child. (But thanks to my wonderful cousins-in-law for bringing them, they made my bonfire 100 times better!!!!)

4. Just to be clear, do not use a burnt stick when roasting marshmallows...this does not help with the taste.

5. When playing an IPod at a bonfire in the country, if the music is from a dead person who wrote the song 30 years ago (or more) OR if the person looks dead but is till alive (Hank Williams Jr., David Allen Coe, etc) this will be very popular music. Don't play Jason Mraz or your husband will get angry (and to clear up it wasn't Jason Mraz it was The Script which sounds similar!).

6. Bar-B-Que...good before you start drinking, even better after you've been drinking.

7. When you have kids at home a bonfire ends in your mind around 10:00 so you go home and go to bed. The next morning you wake-up to hear about the bonfire party that lasted until after 2am and a lot of people never even knew you were there.

And last but not least 8. Fire+Friends=A VERY GOOD TIME (and lots of dirty jokes and old stories)!!!!!

(take these lesson with a grain of salt-they were mainly written to make John, Corey, and Scott laugh and not to offend)

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