Thursday, March 18, 2010

"You Have Braces?!?"

It mmay be lack of sleep, the busy day at the PACKED McWane center, or the fact Cooper has decided this week he hates naps and screams when I put him down, but I feel like complaining. Normally I save all complaints for the president of the complaint department-my husband, but today I will take to my blog so I can share some wisdom-ha!

My complaint is my braces. Not the fact I have braces (although they do absolutely suck) but the fact people love to comment on them. Okay people we all know I have braces. There is no way to see me without seeing my braces. However, at least once or twice a week I run into someone I haven't seen in awhile and their first reaction is, "You have braces?!?".

To me this is equivalent to me walking up to someone and saying, "Wow, you've gained 15 pounds?". Why would you walk up to someone and point out something they are obviously not thrilled about? Now in all fairness, not everyone does this. I was around a friend's sister the other day and when I said something about braces she asked how long I had had them. So obviously she had been aware I had braces but had enough sense to wait until an appropriate time to ask about them. God love her.

Now maybe I am a little sensitive to the fact I have braces. I did agree to spend $400 more just so the top braces would be clear and not show up as much in pictures (they still very much show up). After we upload new pictures on the computer, when no one is looking I delete all pictures that show my braces too much. And due to the fact the braces are prepping my mouth for surgery (get ready in May for that blog!) and making my under bite worse, my profile has changed a good bit and I constantly criticizing my appearance-until John assures me it's all in my head and I'm crazy (that man is a good talker when he needs to be!).

So the fact that twice this week people pointed out my braces within 10 seconds of saying hey to me has made me feel self conscious about them even more. And not only self conscious but annoyed. To the point where the next person might get hit in the face:-). Okay maybe that's a little extreme but I do have a MMA fighter who I'm not afraid to send out!!!!

So there is my life changing serious topic for the day! :-)

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