Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mommy I peed in my bed!

This afternoon approximately one hour after putting Cooper down for a nap I heard him scream that scary scream/cry that makes a Mom crazy with fear. As I ran/sprinted to his door I started making out the words, "Mommy I peed in my bed!".

At this point I did what any other Mom would do...looked at the clock and wondered if he could wait it out until his dad came home. I realized it was 4:00 and I was going to have to take one for the team. I opened the door and there laid my precious angel...drenched in pee. Laying beside the diaper he somehow got out of.

Next I did the only thing I could think of-screamed for Jaylyn to run him a bath, threw him in it (more of placed him in it), put all his bedding and stuff animals in the wash with hot water, disinfected his bed (thank you God for plastic mattresses) and reached for the phone to call my mom. One of the few people who would see Cooper's side of it (it was my fault since I had let him sleep without pants on) and calm me down.

Now for my friends who have no kids you are thinking "big deal". But for all of you who have kids you understand not only did I have to deal with the great flood of 2010 that occurred in Cooper's bed this afternoon instead of catching up on Melrose Place:) but I also lost two precious hours that Cooper normally naps. Mine and Jaylyn's quiet time...where we tackle the fraction homework that she needed help with, we start cooking dinner, she helps me with some housework, and we watch tv. Now instead, in between writing this blog, I am linking Thomas the train up to other trains, making chocolate milk, helping Cooper put on train house shoes, and listening to Barney (I love you...).

I'm chalking this afternoon up to me getting what I deserve. I sit at work and hear other Moms complain about lack of sleep, kids sleeping in their bed keeping them awake, kids not napping, kids waking up grumpy, and so on. While my child on the other hand always takes his three hour nap (as long as we are at our house), he always sleeps about 12 hours a night (sometimes more on the weekend), and he always wakes up happy. John and I never have Cooper wanting to sleep in our bed and aside from one time, he has never given us a sleepless night.

So maybe it was my turn to have a nap interrupted and me to actually have to play Mommy to my two-year-old between the hours of 3-6 (I'm still in shock lol) and instead of stressing I should be grateful this is a rarity instead of the norm (I'm still wondering though how Melrose Place ended).

Or maybe I should open a bottle of wine and self medicate so I can deal with a grumpy two-year-old who missed his nap the desperate housewife way.

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