Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Cycle of the Shot Glass

There are many things in life that take on new meaning the older I get. For example as a kid a purse was something I would stuff with junk and carry around trying to look older. As a teenager a purse held my make-up and later my license and car keys. As a college student I quit carrying a purse-it seems like no one did. After all my life revolved around class, running, and parties-no need for a purse. Now a purse is used for carrying kid toys, juice cups, wallet, membership cards, make-up, grocery lists, and whatever else I can cram in there.

I found the other day something else that had taken on new meaning the older I get-a shot glass. In my kitchen a whole shelf in the cabinet is used to hold shot glasses that my husband "collects". As in once or twice a year he remembers he collects them and buys one when we are out-of-town. I don't even think he's bought one in over a year, but still his collection takes up room in my cabinets.

The other day Cooper picked me my first "flowers" (aka weeds). The closest he had ever come to giving me something before this was last summer he gave me a sweet gum ball that he picked just for me and I still have. I was thrilled to get flowers from Cooper, but by the time he gave them to me they were a little crushed and the stems were so small. Of course he wanted them put in water immediately so I looked in our kitchen cabinets and decided only a shot glass would work.

As I put the flowers in the shot glass I realized here was another item that had taken on new meaning. In high school it was always a "cool" thing on youth trips to buy a shot glass. I'm not sure why but for some reason this was something that just made you feel a little bit older and reality I'm sure we looked like silly little kids. In college a shot glass was used for taking shots, playing drinking games (power hour anyone?), and when all cups were dirty could be used for small drinks of water. As I reached early adulthood and shots no longer appealed to me (honestly they never did and I am feeling nauseous thinking about it) shot glasses could be used to measure liquor to turn into mixed drinks.

Now here I am as an adult and Mommy who no longer has a use for shot glasses (except to use up precious cabinet space!) and all the sudden they are back in my life. For they are the perfect weed flower vase:-).


Fannie said...

I remember when we used to use shot glasses to drink a whole bottle of UV vodka that we would chase with Diet Coke. So gross!! Haha I love your blog it is my favorite procrastination activity:)
In case you were wondering, studying still sucks. xoxox

Jessica Jeffcoat said...

I just gagged thinking about it! Only it wasn't Diet Coke, it was Diet Pepsi because it was cheaper! Schmitty would not be happy lol!

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