Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Going Wireless...

So the other night John and I are laying in bed and John got on his IPhone (how did we live before we got them?). All the sudden I hear him laughing and he tells me to look at the different wireless connections available. So I do and that is when I saw that one of my neighbors has an interesting choice for what they named their wireless internet connection. As in it rhymed with peez cuts...use your imagination people.

It made me wonder in today's society just how much privacy do you have? As I drive down the road or am stopped in carpool if I get on my phone all wireless internet connections are shown to me immediatly (normally their owners aren't as "creative" as my neighbors). Granted you can't see whose wireless connection belongs to who but you can normally figure it out and it kind of seems like an envasion on my neighbor's privacy that we saw it.

On a funnier note you have to understand I live in a very suburban neighborhood and their are only little kids around us so an adult must have set that name. Strange but I guess to each his own...

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