Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mulch...even the word sounds awful!

Over the last two weeks I feel like I have gotten my life under control. I had weeds taking over my yard so I hired Trugreen. i had red wasps taking over my porch so I hired Terminix. And I had funky green stuff popping up in my shower (that I promise I do clean on a regular basis) so I bought an automatic shower cleaner (that I highly recommend). I felt very liberated and less stressed!

Then I looked at my yard...even with Trugreen I still had weeds all in my flower bed that needed pulling and a yard that needed mowing. I still can't control the bugs in the world no matter how much poison I begged Terminix to spray. And I still have to manually clean my shower once a week to really get rid of the mold. Apparently reassigning work to other people/things only goes so far!

So this weekend John and I set out to reclaim our yard. After purchasing a lawn mower and weed eater we were ready! John mowed the whole yard and ran the weed eater (luckily he views this as a "man job"). The good news is that under all those weeds, grass does still exisit! I went to work on the flower beds and FINALLY finished pulling all the weeds (this was my fourth day to work on them). The two of us went to bed feeling very accomplished.

That is until Monday afternoon when I drove up and was sad to see my weed free flower beds desperately needed new mulch. So I set off to buy some but it turns out the mulch was too heavy for me to get by myself (who knew?). Luckily my dad was able to take a hour off work on Tuesday to help me get mulch and drop it off at my house but that is where his assisstance ended. I was left opening all the bags and spreading it out. Yuck.

As I viewed the mulch I realized this is everything I hate about yard work rolled into one. The mulch was ridiculously heavy, it required me to get my knees all in the dirt next to bugs, and basically mulch is a brother to dirt and I was left having to touch it (gardening gloves only go so far). And did I mention it was mid-80s yesterday so in yard work terms it was freaking hot!

But I was determined so I got to work on my front flower beds. I'm not going to lie, at one point I did call my mom begging her to come help me but she turned me down so I went back to work...full of self-pity. I had decided that I was in my own personal hell until Jaylyn showed up.

Right away she looked at my flower beds and told me how beautiful they looked. Now granted Jaylyn is one of those few children with the gift to know the right and polite thing to say, but I could tell she was being sincere. Her telling me how beautiful the first half looked was enough to get me ready to tackle the second half.

She sat there and talked to me while I worked and before I knew it I was done (sweaty but done!). She was even impressed with my estimating mulch skills lol! I stepped back to view my flower beds and I swear I was as proud as when Jaylyn is the top scorer on her basketball team or when Cooper uses good manners. I think I even forgot that I don't like yard work when I saw how great the results can be. Who knows...maybe this summer I will actually successfully keep a plant alive a whole season. After all the apple can't fall that far from the tree...(or can it?).

One of the finished flower beds:-)

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