Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Want To Get Away...

Last weekend John and I took a break from life and went on a long weekend (I actually got him to take a Friday off work!) to Tennessee. I wanted to stay in Chattanooga, but John wanted to stay in a more out of the way location so we picked Monteagle, TN and prepared for a "romantic" weekend.
Of course there was the guilt factor. I would have to be away from Cooper for 4 days/3 nights; even though it was Jaylyn's weekend to be at her mom's house we would still miss soccer games, and I would have to get someone to substitute for my class when we are already short numbered at work due to people on maternity leave. Still, we needed to get away and so we set off Thursday at 2:00 to try and remember what it's like to sleep-in (for the record I was awake before 7:00 every day), to get to eat at restaurants without a two-year-old crying, and to enter the world of housekeeping (my favorite part) and room service.

On Friday morning we set off for Lynchburg, TN so we could tour Jack Daniel's distillery and explore the town. As you can see, John and I got to take pictures with Jack:
The tour was so much fun and was both of our favorite thing we did the whole trip. The town of Lynchburg was not really our thing seeing as how we aren't big on antiquing or motorcycles, but I did love the ice cream parlor! We didn't buy any whiskey because Lynchburg is a dry town, but we did try whiskey ice cream.

Once we drove back to Monteagle we hit up the winery (where we purchased yummy blackberry wine that has now all been drank). Once we got done there we decided to go see Sewanee's natural bridge. This is when we discovered John is not the only one scared of heights. For the first time ever I was terrified. I think I was so scared because we were so high up with no railing or anything and I am so clumsy (example-I feel down the stairs at McWane center yesterday). It was beautiful though and worth risking my life for:
This is John on the bridge and me at the bottom taking the picture. He tried to get one of me like that, but there was no way I was going on the bridge without him holding my hand!

On Saturday we went to hit up the town of Chattanooga (big time Mommy guilt as we went to a town known for trains and my train loving two-year-old wasn't with us). We went to so many places this day. We started at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo so I could buy Cooper a new train and Jaylyn a t-shirt. Next we drove to Rock City. Rock City was such a neat place with LOTS of great views. We had a blast favorite was "Fat Man's Squeeze.

Don't worry everyone, we made it through!

Next up was lunch (at Guthries...we went all the way to Tennessee so we could eat at a restaurant we live 4 miles from in Birmingham). Then we headed to Ruby Falls. We walked in an underground cave for about a half mile, saw the falls, and then walked a mile back. Not the best idea I've had with me having claustrophobia, but it really was beautiful and romantic:-).
While in Chattanooga we also got to have a movie date (something you don't do very much when you have kids). And we went to an art show at Chattanooga's River Walk. It made me wish Birmingham had a River Walk, but I guess first we would need a river going through the city...

On Sunday we went to Monteagle's Flea Market and then decided to head home. When we got back to Birmingham, Cooper had a surprise for us! He had learned to pedal a bike!

We also found out Jaylyn had been picked as the MVP of her soccer game. So it turns out both our kids can actually make it without us in Birmingham...that means it's time to plan romantic weekend 2011!

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